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Dongying Ji Mei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


Dongying Ji Mei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Dongying Ji Mei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise who specializes in producing active cationic etherifying agent [3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethyl ammonium chloride]. Supported by senior professors from famous institutes (Shandong University and Tianjin University) and renowned professionals from starch industry, its research depth and precision has reached the advanced level in domestic, and its product quality is well ahead of the rest in the industry.

The company has complete facilities and advanced testing equipment. Now the fixed assets has reached seven million RMB and annual output is over 10, 000 metric tons. The employees who graduated from colleges and/ or have professional titles make up over 25% of the total employees.

The company is located in the Pearl City of the Yellow River Delta---Dongying City. Dongying City enjoys beautiful natural scenery, such as the largest land-based Swan Lake Reservoir in Asia, the Yellow River estuary, the former residence of Sun Wu and oil derricks on Shengli Oilfield. Due to the prosperous economy and convenient traffic, Dongying City proves to be a good choice for visiting and cooperation.

Now the company is devoted in R&D of a new series of high-quality cationic product. Welcome all friends both at home and abroad to visit us and cooperate for mutual development in the future.

Address & Contact

Room 306, Xindu Fortune Center, Dongying City, Shandong, China, Dongying 25700, Shan Dong, China


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